Tantras of Dzogchen

 We will not find the dominion of wisdom
 By desiring this dominion.
 We will not see the truth
 By meditating on a mudra or a body.
 We will not know the ocean’s exhaustion,
 By stirring it with a ladle.
 We will not become Buddhas
 By meditating on the apparent world as a mudra.
 We will not become enlightened
 By renouncing the good things we desire.
 We will not find nirvana
 By rejecting the five kinds of emotional problems.

Even if we use indestructible analogies of logic,
Such as: “When the eggs hatch, the baby birds fly,”
We will not find nirvana.

At the very moment
We hear of this unsought King,
Primordially royal and primordially present,
Who is not to be sought out through any vehicle,
Or referred to in any transmission of the Unwritten,
Which is the indivisible truth of non-duality,
We are Buddhas.

The short path is an innocence
That does not seek.
This is the supreme embodiment
Of an unsurpassed King of Doctors,
For minds that are ill.

Until we see this,
We don’t see anything.
To see the Buddhas,
Whose number is that of the sands,
Is not a vision in a dream.
On the side where we have woken up
From our lack of seeing,
We do not see anything at all.


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Negali ilgai gyvuoti šita pasaulio tvarka. Negali geri ir protingi žmonės matyti kaip juos dūrina 'sistema' ir verčia niekais elitiniai personažai, kurie tik tuo ir užsiema, kad dūrina ir niekina.

The Consequence of Sound Tantra:

It is not a real thing.
Its heart-meaning is emptiness.
We do not fall into any position.
That is the meaning of our view.

It is not in the one,
And it exhausts the limits of duality.
It does not appear to be plural,
But it is beyond being one.
It is not something that we talk about,
But it is the basis for our words.


Adyashanti via ZenThinking

All inquiry is meant for one purpose: to take you experientially into the Unknown as efficiently as possible. Once you get there, simply be still because the inquiry has delivered you to its destination. The rest is up to Grace. Do not hold onto any knowledge that comes your way. Even the greatest revelations must not be clung to, or you will end up with a head full of memories and a heart empty of substance. The truth is ever new, existing only in the now. The highest truth is beyond knowledge and experience. It is beyond time and space, and beyond beingness, consciousness, and oneness. Just remember that all direct path techniques are meant simply to undermine, to cut away, the one who is performing them. No matter what spiritual path you've walked or what teachings you've followed, they must lead you back to no path and no teaching. A true teaching is like a blazing fire that consumes itself. The teaching must not only consume you, but consume itself as well. All must be burned to ash, and then the ash must be burned. Then, and only then, is the Ultimate realized. True Enlightenment destroys enlightenment. As long as you can refer back to yourself and say, 'I'm enlightened', you're not. Enlightenment is authentic only when there is no one left to be enlightened. Even to say 'I am nobody', is one too many. There's a point when you intuitively realize that to be Free you have to give up your attachment to Freedom. You have to quit asking yourself: Is it still there? Am I okay? You have to decide to never look over your shoulder again to see if you're free or if others know you're free. You just have to let yourself burn there - no matter what. This isn't something I can help you with. I can tell you what you need to do, but you have to do it. In the beginning, teachers can help a lot. But the deeper you go, all they can do is point, and clarify, and tell you what you need to do. Only you can take this step. Nobody can push you into this place.


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—Sri Robert Adams

Catch yourself thinking about yourself, about your problems, about your family, about your needs, about something being wrong somewhere, about your doubts, your suspicions, your apprehensions. You have to realize that it doesn't matter what you're going through, physically, mentally, economically.

If you can only learn to abide in whatever situation you're in. What I mean by abide in every situation you're in, I'm referring to not reacting, not feeling sorry with yourself, or comparing yourself with someone else, but simply laughing at yourself.

Do not attempt to do anything in the world to become evolved.
The world cannot do anything for you It's only within your own Self.

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Šeimos samprata apima ir tai – turi ne vien mylėti, bet ir leisti kitiems suprasti, kad yra kas juos sērgi. … aš vadinu tai “dvasiniu saugumu” – jausmo, kad tavo šeima sergi tave. Niekas kitas nesuteiks tau šio jausmo. Nei pinigai. Nei šlovė

(Albom, Mitch. Antradieniai su Moriu. Kaunas: Trigrama. 2008, 101p.)

[excerpt] Secret Wisdom: Three Tantras of the Great Perfection

The essentiality of all-encompassing Dharma arises in oneself at the very moment of understanding. Because this Dharmakaya is itself great, it cannot be obtained through the external. It has no cause and result. The single taste of cause and result is the lord of everything. Even the Buddhas of the intermediate state are just this and are not different from it. Those who have the power of the great benefits of the completely pure perfected Buddha first liberate their bodies from the conceptual constructions manifesting therein. Then there will definitely be understanding, without seeking it.

Christopher Wilkinson [translator]. Kindle Edition.

/Charlie Ambler/

Crazy wisdom is the process of remembering what we humans have forgotten: the world does not make sense. Nature does not have a logic; it simply functions on its own. Its deepest processes are unknown to us. Scientists can invent drones and Deep Learning AI technologies but they cannot replicate a hive of bees, a lion, or a volcano.

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The really important things about our life really are not about us. So the more you are concerned with your own happiness and personal fulfillment, the more you become embedded in kind of a hopeless internal conflict with desire and disappointment, ambition, confusion, frustration, even despair. It is not a position from which you naturally serve other people, which you are really designed to do, or to be of service in the world, which you are really designed to be...